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Clipsus lets you combine multiple video clips into a nice single one in an instant. No editing skills required.

It's free.

Π’ring people together even when they are apart

Eliminate any distance β€” collect and join video-messages from people who care.

Clipsus is a chatbot, so there is nothing to download and install, zero editing skills are required and it works right on Telegram messenger.

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Create an awesome video without leaving Telegram messenger

1. Start Clipsus chatbot
Click this link and then "Start" at the bottom to launch Clipsus chatbot.
2. Add video clips
Simply send your video clips to Clipsus, as if it was a person.
3. Get your video!
On command Clipsus does its magic and unites your clips into the final video.

Get creative with face masks and filters

Adding clips to a video project is simple. Add an existing video from your device or record a new one right on Telegram messenger app.

To make it even greater, record your videos with some crazy fun filters in third-party apps like Facebook Messenger.

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