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Clipsus collects video clips from friends, family or coworkers and magically unites them together.

It's free.

Π’ring people together even when they are apart

Eliminate any distance β€” collect and join video-messages from people who care.

Clipsus is a chatbot, so there is nothing to download and install, zero editing skills are required and it works right on Facebook Messenger.

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Create a group video without leaving Facebook Messenger

1. Create a project & invite people
Chat with the bot to start your project. Invite others by sharing a unique link.

2. Add and manage videos
Add videos to your project, approve or decline videos added by others.
3. Get your group video!
On your command Clipsus turns collected clips into the final group video.

Get creative with face masks and filters

Adding clips to a group video project is simple. Add an existing video from your device or record a new one right on Facebook Messenger app.

Don't forget to have some fun with built-in face masks and video effects!

Got questions? We have answers!
What's a group video?
Collective or group video is a video consisting of small clips by different people. Those are great and heartwarming but producing such videos usually requires video editing skills and a lot of free time.

Clipsus allows to create such videos without any editing skills and right in an app you already use ✌️
How much does it cost?
It's free πŸ€—
For the moment creating a video with Clipsus will cost you nothing with no limitations. Some additional paid features are coming soon.
Clipsus works on Facebook? What? How?
Clipsus is an advanced chatbot πŸ€– that works where Facebook Messenger works β€” on your phone, tablet or desktop computer.

All interaction with the bot happens in a chat conversation. This is why neigher you, nor your collaborators need to install anything. Try it now and you'll see how easy this is.
How can people join my video project?
Create your group video project and get a unique invite link. You can share it any way you like β€” by sms, in messengers, by email or any other way you can think of.

Anyone who has your link will be able to add video clips to your project πŸ“₯
Who and how can add videos?
πŸ“Ή Both you or your collaborators can add video clips to your group video project. Adding a video is as simple as sending a video to a friend on Facebook Messenger. It all happens in a chat conversation with Clipsus bot.

You, as a project creator, will receive all submitted videos and will be able to accept or decline them from your project.
How will the clips be merged together? Can I change order?
🎞 All the video clips you approve will be merged together in a random order. Upgrading a video (paid option) will allow you to remix order of clips unlimited number of times.

An option to manually reorder clips is coming soon!
What can I do with my group video?
🍿 Anything you want. You will get a link to your video that you can share with someone special. You will also be able to download your video and use it the way you want.

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